Saturday, November 22, 2014





July 2014
Letter #1:
"As I sit here trying to think of all the things BMMI has done for me, I realized there's no way to list them all.  Allowing me to help & be a part of BMMI has been a blessing from God.  It made me feel alive & useful for God.  
     You were there by my side when Jake was sentenced to prison.. I wanted to die.  Thank you for your prayers.
     I believe the most important thing you did was visit my son, Bubby, in jail & lead him to Christ.  When you called me, I felt God's peace flow through me.  Even though Bubby is gone, I know he loved God & yes, he struggled, but I know he's in Heaven & that's the most valuable kind of peace God gives.
     The more I can do to help with your ministry, the more blessed I become.  Thank you so such,                                                                                      Love, your sister in Christ, Carolyn
P.S.  I almost forgot.  Knowing Bubby received his salvation was the ultimate; then you also had led me to re-dedicate my life at Saturday Night Live after a dinner.  It made me realize how important serving God is for Peace in this world we live in today."
Letter #2:
"Bill and LeAnn,
I love you guys and what you are doing in Jesus' name.  You guys have been so faithful.  I believe you both were a blessing to me and my family ( & countless others).  The first time I came to the meeting in Springfield, I came with Christ but not my worldly family.  Eventually I was able to walk through the doors with my husband.  Over time, I was able to bring Willow as  well.  You guys were there during some of the hardest times of my life.  I want to thank you for your support as a ministry & as my friends.  I know God has placed you all in my family's lives.  Leo and I will have 8 years clean in November.  Thank you for being with me through DFS, Leo being in jail, & all the countless times you all followed Christ's direction to lead his sheep.  I thank my Lord for you both.  Forever grateful, Your friend, Darla"   
Letter #3:
Your ministry has changed my life in more ways than I could ever imagine.  You guys showed me how to love and to be loved when I first got out of prison.. You shared the love of Jesus is with me and for that, I'm forever grateful.  You gave me hope when I had no hope & when I had no family.  [You] showed me that in Him I have a purpose & taught me that you can still be cool and serve Jesus.  It's because of you guys that I am still clean and serving the Lord 8 years later.  You guys have been family to me.  I love you, mom and dad.
Letter #4:
I first met you 7 years ago when I got out of jail.  You helped to keep me straight.  You have prayed for and with me.  I truly feel as if you are my shepherd.  I love this ministry like my own family.
Love Leo"
Letter #5:
I can't send an email but I want to let you guys know that you both played a huge role in my recovery!!!  I have been sober for a long time but when I met you guys at the Freedom From Meth Rally I realized I needed to work on my recovery, and now I just celebrated 4 years clean of meth!!!!  I now have a beautiful granddaughter who comes to the recovery meetings with her mom, auntie and Nana!!!!!!